Manufacturing Software Solutions


Manufacturing is still the major growth engine in any economy. The fundamental success factors in the manufacturing sector are – produce the right products; in the right quantities; at the right time, with good quality, and at a price the customer is willing to pay. At the same time, flexibility and continuous improvements in operations are also a must. Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers integrated, adaptable business applications for small and medium-sized organisations and divisions of large enterprises. Manufacturers can respond quickly to customer demands and improve manufacturing performance by automating and improving processes such as:

  • Production Management (Work orders) 
  • Planning supplies and capacities
  • Real-time visibility into shop floor operations 
  • Graphically depicted production schedules 
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Dynamics Nav for Manufacturing

Integrated Communication and Collaboration: Provide a synchronised communication line between engineering, manufacturing, and subcontractors. For example, if engineering makes design changes, operations can know the details immediately. Product data management in Dynamics NAV solution has helped customers improve product design. Engineers can get an overview of reported errors in products, and manufacturing can confirm the latest design is being produced. Business portals let you share information within your systems through the web to the right people at the right time to keep your business moving forward and your customers happy.

Customer Service

You need to provide outstanding after-sales service to ensure customer loyalty. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you can track a project from design through “as-built” configuration. The bottom line: Your service personnel will be able to deliver the right parts-a critical first step towards effective preventive maintenance.

Accurate Product Estimation and Quoting

You can efficiently align customer requirements with your capabilities by maintaining a standard production line and using your previous experience with a customer to suggest the most effective equipment. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you plan for standard components, thereby reducing lead time.

Flexibility in Production Planning

Planning personnel struggle to keep each job separate and visible in order to match specific customer requirements with resources. When production batches encounter problems, planning or engineering needs to change the process, but in most cases, these changes are lost in aggregate production activities and data. To help you respond effectively, Microsoft Dynamics NAV support multiple manufacturing modes such as engineer-to-order, make-to-order, make-to-stock, or mixed/hybrid modes. You decide and define your best practices and how you want the planning system to execute.

Project Management

Good project management accounts for resources such as materials, capacity, engineers, service personnel, critical paths, and slack time, helping you deliver on time. It also helps you identify the completion state of tasks and provides an overview status of the project. With Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV, you can set budgets, manage billing, review current costs, and track activities and resources related to a project at many levels of detail. You can also leverage knowledge and content from existing or prior projects to improve your processes and avoid mistakes.

Process and mixed-mode manufacturers can have efficient management of complex production flows and real-time insights into operations. Microsoft Dynamics NAV can help you optimise inventory, increase productivity, comply with customer and regulatory demands, and drive continuous improvement.

Whether you’re building innovative high-tech products, assembling bundles for new applications and markets, integrating solutions into customers’ systems, or providing high-tech services and support, speed is paramount to capturing and keeping a competitive advantage. A Microsoft Dynamics NAV solution for the high-tech industry can help you gain insight, streamline operations, and communicate faster to help ensure quick responses to shifting conditions and customer demands.

Efficient manufacturing practices are needed to be globally competitive and to meet stringent regional compliance regulations and more diverse customer demands. Maximize profits and seize new revenue opportunities with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives companies an adaptable, affordable way to streamline processes, increase productivity, and focus on growing their business. Leverage from Microsoft Dynamics technology to improve operations from Request for Quotation (RFQ) to product end-of-life.