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Modernize your sales process with Dynamics 365

Does your sales team have the sales engagement solution needed to improve productivity and drive growth for your business? Review our six strategies to see how you can plan your next move by implementing Dynamics 365 for Sales with Office 365. 

1. Meet customers at any point in the journey  

Stay informed about buyer trends and habits. Dynamics 365 for Sales provides sales teams with an enriched view of accounts, contacts, and leads.  

2. Implement seamless solutions  

Dynamics 365 for Sales with Office 365 helps your sales team get more done quickly through a modern hub for productivity that includes familiar tools like Outlook, Word, Excel, and OneNote and can be accessed across any mobile device, even while on the go.  

3. Enable sharing and collaboration  

Dynamics 365 for Sales eliminates internal silos and increases communication and connection with a single, centralized interface. 

4. Streamline engagement  

Dynamics 365 for Sales integrates with Office 365 to give you holistic customer data from email and social channels to simplify sales execution and reveal the best prospects, so your team can easily manage stakeholder relationships at scale.  

5. Ease onboarding and alignment  

Dynamics 365 for Sales offers step-by-step processes that are configured to fit business needs, so new sellers see the specific steps needed to move deals forward. Align your team on best practices through interactive guides and reduce training time with rich, context-sensitive help and an intelligent, event-driven sales process that guides sellers to optimal outcomes.  

6. Get holistic performance insights  

In addition to its powerful measurement and reporting features, Dynamics 365 for Sales helps your team stay on track by setting goals, monitoring results, and providing timely feedback. You can investigate deviations from plan and take corrective action using real-time analytics dashboards that turn data into actionable insights. 

Get a solution that scales with your business 

Dynamics 365 for Sales integrates seamlessly with Office 365 and allows sellers to work from anywhere, boosting their productivity with familiar tools. With powerful insights and solutions built to evolve and scale with your goals and your customers’ demands, you’ll know how and where to innovate—and close deals faster and smarter. 

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