Why Your Wholesale Distribution Business Needs A Modern ERP System

The wholesale distribution industry is quickly expanding. This means that businesses must act fast to ensure they are ahead of the game when it comes to meeting customer demands. Balancing this with the need to manage business growth and productivity is not an easy task. Product inventories, ever-changing prices and margins, and monitoring stock and sales are all areas that must be managed and reported on consistently.

Modern ERP systems are a valuable tool for your wholesale distribution business. It will merge all business functions onto one system. This will provide control and transparency for the following areas:

  • Purchase order management
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory tracking
  • Warehouse management
  • Packing and shipping
  • Picking and sorting


The Benefits Of ERP For Wholesale Distribution Businesses


Supply and demand

Gain extensive knowledge of the supply and demand of all products. Having the right products at the right time is crucial. Business intelligence is essential for any wholesale distribution business to plan for future demand correctly.


Gain absolute visibility into the financial activities of your business. Financial processes can be quickly analysed, amended, and improved. Easily manage accounts payable, accounts receivables, card processing, financial reporting, payroll, and many other aspects of your finances.


You can have a comprehensive eCommerce system in which your customers can access order details and updates. You will be able to provide fast payment solutions and attract a more extensive customer base.

Inventory management

Utilise automated inventory management features, enabling a professional and precise paperless recode of all transactions. Quickly check the status of shipped inventory across different warehouse locations.

Purchase order management

Reduce costs and strengthen relationships with suppliers with automated purchasing processes. You can automate processes for products and suppliers, create approvals and requisitions, process purchase orders, and make invoices.

Be mobile

Access your ERP system from any location using a mobile device. Make sure you opt for an ERP system that provides mobile functionality. Data can be recorded as soon as it is available, from any location, reducing the potential for error.

Pricing and shipping

In wholesale distribution, you may be offering multiple pricing structures depending on the number of units in a sale. A bespoke ERP system that enables pricing freedom is essential. You can set pricing depending on units, using a comprehensive pricing algorithm.

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